Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LNS Journal - Post 10 - Presenting a "Challenges Unit" Final Project using Glogster

Our 5th grade teachers and students have been engaged in an amazing ELA unit entitled "Challenges".   For the final project of this unit, the students were charged with reading and researching a specific individual, whom they respect to determine the challenges that they faced in their life and how they overcame or dealt with those challenges.  As a way to share what they learned, each student created a "Glog" or online digital posterboard.  The interactive Glog allows students to include text, images, video and even a video or audio clip of themselves talking about some aspect related to their person's challenges.
This project was a terrific and exciting way to culminate a great learning experience.  Interestingly, including the self-recorded audio and/or video proved to be somewhat difficult and we all faced some rather challenging problem solving in order to complete our Glogs!
Kudos to the 5th grade team for doing an outstanding job with all aspects of this teaching and learning challenge!!

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