Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LNS Journal - Post 5 - Class Newspaper

Time to highlight Google Apps for Education and our Chromebooks!  This week one of the 5th grade teachers decided to try out a new way to keep her classroom parents informed about the "goings on" in her students' world.  She decided to have the students do a classroom newspaper.  For a period of time she mulled over the possible options available for the presentation of the student writing and settled on the use of Google Slides, thus bringing the "newspaper" a little closer to her students' interactive world.  By choosing Slides, it allows the reader to interact with the paper in ways not possible through the printed form.  (For example, one regular "section" of the paper has been riddles and the interactive feature allows the reader to try to answer the riddle before "clicking" to see the answer.)
It has been terribly exciting to see the students engage in a real-world, authentic way to learn and hone their research and writing skills while meeting many Common Core Standards.  All of the students have written articles for the 2 editions to date (October and November/December).  So very cool!!

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