Tuesday, September 22, 2015

LNS Journal - Post 3 - 3D Printer Unexpected Outcome

Although this entry isn't directly related to LNS, the district path to Learning Never Stops began many years ago with the addition of a computer class to the student offerings, which then became our STEM class.  As our district has embraced and implemented technology, accessibility to technology such as our 3D printers has become a reality for our students.  It was just 4 years ago that the idea of a 3D printer at Lakeview was one of my ultimate dreams.  
Yesterday, I received an e-mail from our STEM teacher.  She mentioned that she had asked her students what they had done over the weekend and ...

"One of my students raised his hand and said he went to visit his brother in the hospital.  He continued on to say that his brother has cancer, but is responding well to treatment.  He then said he took his chess piece, that he designed and printed in my class last week, with him so they could use it to play chess."

Never in my wildest dreams could I have foreseen such an amazing outcome of students accessing a 3D printer.
Teaching is filled with these special moments that reach far beyond our imaginations.

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