Monday, August 24, 2015

Latest Google Classroom Updates

Woo hoo!!  I'm super excited about the most recent Google Classroom improvements.
I've tried out all of them and they are excellent upgrades.  First, when posting, you now, use the "+" sign in the lower right corner of the screen.  From there, in addition to the previous "announcement" and "assignment", you can, now, do 2 additional things: post questions and reuse a post from any of your classrooms!
I just re-used a post (that I had previously posted in my "SWAT Team" classroom) in my "Google Classroom Teachers" classroom.  The post is copied in it's entirety and can be edited before posting.  Now, for the BEST part.  You can even re-use from an archived class.  Which mean, of course, that you can re-use posts from last year and you don't even have to re-write them.  Yep, it's sweet.
Now to the posting of questions.  Here's how it works.  You post a question.  You can choose if you want your students to be able to see and respond to other student responses, and if you want them to be able to change their response.  Once each student responds (if you gave them permission) they can see the other student responses and respond to them, at that time.  All of the responses are shown in threads so you can see exactly to whom someone is responding.  Yep!  It's sweet, too.  We, finally, have a true discussion board in Classroom!
The final upgrade is being able to re-order your posts.  This is another SUPER helpful addition.  To re-order, just click the "three vertical dots" next to a post and select "Move to top".   A little logical thinking and you can re-order as many posts (and in any order) as you desire.  This is great if a post gets buried within a unit, but becomes relevant at a future date.  Just select "Move to top" and the students will be able to easily access it, once again.
Have I mentioned that these newest updates are sweet?
Lastly, there is one additional upgrade coming, but it hasn't made its way to our domain, yet.  I'll update you on that one when it's available to us.

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