Sunday, August 23, 2015

LNS Journal - Post 1

It's that time of year again and I couldn't be more excited to "get the show on the road".  This year promises to be the most special year of my career.  The reasons are many, but the single most impactful change is the addition of devices for all of our students.   I am SO certain of the impact on learning due to these devices, that it is impossible not to find it almost breathtaking.  There are changes in education and then there are disruptive innovations.  The addition of Chromebooks, iPads, Google Apps for Education, and a myriad of amazing online tools has completely changed the landscape for learning.  With these additions, the ability to engage students in learning has improved exponentially.  Teachers can now meet their students in their comfort zone, the digital world.  We can differentiate, scaffold, engage, enrich, expose to experts, travel to places otherwise impractical, research, explore, and, yes, even entertain, much more efficiently than ever before.  I am truly thrilled to get this year under way.  While our teachers are focused on student learning, a large portion of my focus is on my students learning, and for much of my time those students are our teachers.  Here's to the most productive year of teacher/student learning ever!!

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