Monday, November 10, 2014

Storing Google Drive Files in Multiple Folders - Yes, you can!

For a while, now, I've been flipping back and forth between the new Google Drive and the old. I am often asked questions about various aspects of Drive and I know that most of those asking the questions have not switched, so I continue to work in both. Today, however, I thought I'd come upon a great reason to head on over to the New Drive, mostly for good. The trick I learned was that you can, now, put files in more than one folder at the same time without creating copies. The tip which applies to the New Drive and shared by Amit Agarwal, mentioned selecting the files you wish to locate in an additional folder (by using ctrl) and holding down "shift" + "z". This brings up an option to "Add to" where you can select the folder or folders to which you wish to add the file or files.

What I discovered upon further trial and error, is that "ctrl" is the key to putting files in multiple folders from the "Move to" command. It works like this: if you open any file and go to "file" and "move to folder", you can select a folder for that file, hold down "ctrl" and select additional folders to which to add that file. The fact is, although the "shift" + "z" does not work in the "old" Drive, you can move any file or files to multiple folders, simply by holding down "ctrl" while in the "move to" dialog box. 

Drat!! Here I thought I found my reason to go "New" and now I have to keep looking! (But, I'm super happy that I can store files in more than one folder in the "Old" or the "New" Drive!!)

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