Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Educreations and Touch Screen Chromebooks

I was playing around with Educreations ( and realized that with the kids having touch screens this could be a VERY cool tool for all kinds of student projects.  
For example:
Math:  You could have groups of students using one of their Chromebooks show their work for a particular math problem and explain what they did (recorded via headset).  Each group could, then, add the link to their problem to your Classroom page.   Every student would now have access to a half dozen problems shown with all the work and an audio explanation.  SO cool.  And, literally, it can be done in a very short time.

In Reading, without using any text on the screen at all (or maybe just have the student write their name) they could record themselves reading a selection.  Then, at the end of some period of time, you could have them read it again and you have a record of the improvement.  (You could have them "turn in" the link to their creation as an assignment in Google Classroom.  Yes, it will show "done" if they just turn in a link!  Nice, huh?!?)

ELA:  A student could be assigned a book report where they choose 5 words that they can use (1 per slide) where each word in some way connects to an important aspect of the book.  The student would explain how the word connects and additional required information would be included.  Again, a link to the educreation would be turned in in Classroom.

Science:  Groups of students would be assigned to research various life-cycles (specific mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, etc.) and present their findings using educreations.   The presentation would be a combination of pictures, written word and recorded voice.  Again, a link to the educreation would be turned in in Classroom.

Social Studies:  Students could be assigned a specific President to research character traits of that president that affected his presidency.  The Educreation would include a picture of the President, hand-written character traits on each slide, perhaps a picture of an event that was affected by the trait and recorded description of how the trait impacted the event.  Students could make a decision within the group of whether to have one person responsible for all of the voice or to assign each group member a specific trait or traits to discuss.  Again, a link to the educreation would be turned in in Classroom.

PE/Health:  Students could be tasked with locating online tools/apps that in some way positively impact health and well being.  Their Educreation could include the following "slides": the name of the tool/app., a brief explanation of how it works/what it does, cost, which aspect of fitness is affected (i.e. strength, cardio, weight, etc.), and the students' opinion on whether regular use of the tool/app. would truly improve health/fitness.  Again, a link to the educreation could be turned in in Classroom making it easily accessible to the teacher(s) and something the teacher could easily access to present in class.

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