Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Classroom is Here!!

Google Classroom has finally arrived for all teachers in Google Apps for Education districts.  After spending some time with Classroom, I can confidently say that Google has, once again, impacted education in an amazing way.
This tool will greatly improve the efficiency of the use of GAFE in education, thus continuing to free up valuable teacher time for preparing lessons, developing projects, etc. and for working in collaborative teams (Professional Learning Communities) to bring the best pedagogical practices to their students.  The ease of use of Classroom is off the charts.  In one short professional development session teachers can have their classes prepped and ready for students.
Students will find this tool incredibly easy to use, as well, and will always know where to go to find information on assignments, announcements and other important information (resources) needed to maximize their learning.
Of course, as we've come to expect from Google, one of the best things about Classroom is it's collaborative nature.  Whether the interaction is whole class or private teacher/student, Classroom provides the platform.
Once again, Google has knocked it out of the park!
A look ahead:  We need to have Classroom provide the ability to put students into collaborative groups and to be able to differentiate assignments.  The ability to manually mark student work as "turned in" would be very helpful and offering a forum, where students can interact within streams, will be a very important aspect as well.  I know that Google is already working these things and am hopeful that they will be available soon!

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