Sunday, June 29, 2014

Author Skype

I wanted to share with you this Skype session with one of our 5th grade classes and author Chris Grabenstein (Mr. Lemoncello's Library).  When I had done an Author Skype session previously, I recorded the session from behind the students so that I could get the author himself projected within Skype.  The problem with this is that I was unable to capture the awesome looks on the faces of the students as they got to talk with the author.  So... this time, I tried something new.  I used 2 iPads, recording one from the camera angle we used for the author to see the students and the other from the rear of the room facing the projected author Skype image.  I then cropped the 2 videos together allowing a capture of both the student reactions and the author reactions.  I'm pretty pumped about the result.  Enjoy!!

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