Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Links from Chicago Area Mensa! Check these out!

Fun Links

Most Courtesy of Kathe Oliver
  • The National Gallery of Art's interactive website gives visitors the opportunity to create collages, mobiles, paintings, and simple animated art online. When you've completed your artwork you can compare it with pieces from the museum's collection. The website has challenges suitable for artists of all ages.
  • What happened on the day that you were born? What were the headlines on your second birthday? Get the highlights (or lowlights) of every day of the year from the History Channel.
  • Engage in the issues by participating in one of the Koshland Science Museum’s online challenges. Share your thoughts and experiences. Learn new skills. Think critically. Solve problems. Immerse yourself in the science. Participate in a challenge and you might be featured in the museum and on the museum website!
  • How does an archaeologist decide where to dig? Archaeologists at the Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site in West Virginia have put the process online in the "Discovery Zone". The "Games& Puzzles" section has related activities for young children.
  • To jumpstart your brain, try one of the downloadable Activity Kits.
  • Find a mental challenge among the list of classic "trick questions". Once you have chosen a question, scroll slowly down the page until you have reached the final line of the question. The answers follow the questions immediately, so if you aren't careful, you will see the answer before you have had the time to think about how to solve the problem.
  • If you enjoy math and logic problems, and puzzles, check out BarcodesInc.
  • If you would rather create puzzles than solve them, make ten different puzzles, including word search, number block, and maze puzzles. You can even design puzzles for yourself to solve. Try a word search puzzle based on your friends and family, or on Mensa.
  • Mensa For Kids’ “Bright” is the smartest monthly eNewsletter for kids ages 6-10, brought to you by Mensa for Kids and the Mensa Education & Foundation. Every issue is full of fun games, puzzles, activities and factoids specially selected to encourage children to learn, explore and think outside the box. Regular features include games of logic, math, spatial relations and word usage; science features; activity ideas and “edutainment” programs; and feature stories courtesy of the Mensa For Kids Web site and the Mensa Foundation. It’s easy for all your favorite young people to subscribe. Current members can subscribe via the American Mensa Web site and nonmembers can visit and follow the links under “Bright Newsletter” (parental permission for nonmembers under 13 is required!). The most current 90 days of issues are available on both sites, and PDFs are also available for download and printing within each email issue.