Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Top 10 (Oops, 11) iPhone Apps of 2012

10. Photosynth - I don't use this often, but everyone once in a while I have to just because it's so cool! You take a picture, move right or left, take another picture, move the same direction again, take another and it automatically stitches the pics together into a panorama. Really cool.

9. Anatomy Lite - This is one of those educational games that only a geek can love, but I do still get a kick out it.

8. Xfinity Sports Remote - Flip between multiple sports events on TV (with a Comcast/Xfinity DVR) without your remote. (And, if you're up for a prank, mess with your kids when you're out and they're home by changing the channel on them!)

7. Amazon PriceCheck - scan any bar code in any store and you can see how much it's available for on Amazon. (With free shipping most of the time, it's hard to beat Amazon.)

6. Ubersense - the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to do sport skill analysis. Compare your golf swing with a pro, or use it to analyze your son's baseball swing. Amazing that this app is free. If you're a coach, this can be a super valuable coaching tool.

5. Flipboard - This is my go-to app when I need to know what's going on. Breaking news, my twitter feed, Google Reader, the latest in tech, sports - all in one spot. And such a sleek, cool interface on top of it.

4. Find My iPhone - What's not to love? Great for piece of mind. The other night I went out and wasn't sure if I left my phone at home or not. ...used my husband's "Find my iPhone" and could see that mine was, in fact, safe and sound at home.

3. Pinterest - I have yet to pull this app up and NOT get a cool idea within the first few seconds of scrolling through the people I follow. I follow a lot of teachers and we are very good at sharing!!

2. Gas Buddy - I have no idea how much money this app has saved us over the past year, but it has to be fairly significant. SO nice to know where the cheapest gas is, especially when you're traveling.

1. I have a tie for my top app with Map My Run and Evernote
Map My Run - In addition to being able to get voice splits while I'm running, I love being able to go onto and map out a run ahead of time, so I know exactly how far it is; especially something like a lakefront run or a run in a vacation area.
Evernote - This is such a great app; particularly useful around the Holidays when I keep all of my Christmas lists in Evernote. No matter where I am, my lists are at hand, and I enjoy the nice check boxes and feeling of accomplishment when I've purchased my gifts!