Saturday, August 4, 2012

Map My Run

Every so often, I'm going to be reviewing various smartphone apps.  Today, I thought, as students are gearing up for the upcoming Cross Country season and as teachers and parents are getting ready for fall 5K's, it would be a great time to review this app.
Map My Run uses GPS to track your workout while you run or walk.  One of my favorite features is that it allows you to receive voice splits while you're running.  You're listening to your favorite workout music, and Map My Run fades in with your current distance and time, then fades out and returns you to your workout music.  At the end of your workout, you can upload to and, from there you can take a look at your pace at any point on your run.  At the online site, you can, also, map out future runs of whatever distance you wish.  It offers the ability to track your nutrition by entering your food intake, as well.
To me, this is an amazing app.  I was even able to use the GPS in Mexico, when I had my phone set to "airplane mode" to avoid incurring unwanted international data charges.  (I could not upload my workout, but could still see the time and distance when I'd finished my run.)
Map My Run has improved dramatically from the initial offerings with each new update better and more accurate than the last.  Overall, for me, this is one of the most awesome free apps. available.

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