Saturday, February 4, 2012

Roadtrips are Winding Down

Our Roadtrips are coming to an end as the students complete their travels.  They've been busily calculating their gas costs, taking advantage of, and figuring our the average cost per gallon that they've had to pay on each leg of the trip.  (How many of you parents know how to use the equation editor in a spreadsheet to write something as a fraction?)
They've been utilizing their spreadsheets to keep track of their earnings and their expenses.  They've learned that $150 a night for a motel room is pretty expensive and quite a few groups have changed their minds and searched for a more reasonably priced room.
When it comes to attractions, a few groups were frustrated when they realized that the Disney parks have 10 years old as the cutoff between "child" and "adult" pricing when most other attractions use 12 or 13 for the cut off.  Since most of the groups have a mix of 12 and 13 year olds calculating the price of their attractions usually involves multiple steps. They're able to see that the math problems they learn in math class actually have real-world application.
The kids have done an awesome job with their trips and the cooperation and collaboration has been outstanding.  This group of students are going to be super employees someday!!

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