Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a Week!

Our week was filled with excitement! We finished our Roadtrips, before exploring Internet Security topics, including discussions about viruses, spyware, firewalls and keeping our operating systems updated.
The highlight of the week, though, is that we are working with a brand new website to help them develop it so students all across the country (and world) can do research in a new way.'s President and CEO, Mr. Mark Williams, has been in contact with me and our classroom all week long via Skype, e-mail and chat. We are sharing our impressions, suggestions, and requests for making this an even more valuable educational tool. In fact, Mr. Williams has asked for some student generated Groks that his company would like to use to help other teachers see what kids can do using the site.
So, if you are a student and would like the chance to have your work featured on instaGrok:
- Log on
- Pick a topic that might be researched in school
- Learn all you can about the topic
- Take at least one quiz
- Use your Grok to log what you've learned - be sure your writing has no spelling, capitalization or punctuation mistakes, and, of course, no plagiarism!! (Site your sources if you choose to use someone else's words.)
- Share what you've learned by letting me know that you're finished!!
This is such an exciting time!
~Mrs. Foellmer

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