Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Very Busy Week

The past couple of days we have been displaced from our home in the computer lab and have had some excellent conversation, as a result.  At the beginning of the trimester the students took a technology pre-test and these past 2 days gave us an opportunity to discuss the questions in that pretest, the correct answers, and many topics which arose from the questions that the students had as a result.  We discussed things like the RAM and it's role in a computer, how copy and paste functions and where your data is "stored" when you copy something, and what the hard drive is.  The kids had a chance to open up a hard drive and see it's "insides" and take an up close and personal look at a video card.  We talked about the difference between a search engine and an internet browser and much, much more.
Today, we started creating our finances spreadsheets for the Roadtrip and almost all of the kids got their very first look at and actual experience creating one.  "Sigma", "cells", and "formatting" were the words of the day.

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