Friday, December 2, 2011

Identity Plates and More

To start off the tri., the students have created an "Identity Plate" which serves a few purposes.  First, it serves as a nametag, to help me quickly re-learn and learn all of my students' names - a number of my students are new to me this year - and second, to give me a little insight into the things that each of my students see as being very important in their lives.  I enjoy getting to know them in this way, via their minimum of 5 picture choices to include.  They learned a little about internet searching and became familiar with "Comic Life" which they will be using for a city project that they'll be undertaking soon, as well.
The students have, also, made some preliminary decisions regarding our Roadtrip that we are just beginning.  Students have selected the cities to which they'll be traveling, as well as the car they'll be taking, keeping in mind the current high cost of gas and the efficiency of that chosen car.

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