Friday, October 28, 2011

A VERY Productive Week

This week marked the conclusion of "The School Tools" project and I am so proud of the job the kids did on this. I keep challenging this class and they keep meeting the challenge head on. What great, fun, interesting ideas they had for showing the various "Cool Tool" examples! I found myself not having quite as much time as I would have liked to work with each and every student, but, hopefully, everyone felt they ended up with the result they wanted. Next week I'll begin to work on grading those projects and I look forward to reflecting on their work.
We, also this week, began our next project that piggy-backed with our iSafe Lesson on Cyber Bullying. They are, now, creating an Impress presentation (slide show) on a bullying topic of their choice. Once again, they are picking up this software like it's nothing and I couldn't be any prouder or excited to see how they handle this newest challenge.
Have a great weekend everyone! See ya Monday!
~Mrs. Foellmer

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