Friday, October 14, 2011

"The School Tools"

We are ready to embark on a new project called "The School Tools". This project is based on a segment I've seen in the sports section of the Chicago Tribune, "The Rule Book", which is a humorous look at some of the rules surrounding sport. I've contacted Tim Bannon, Sports Editor at the Tribune and Rick Tuma, who Illustrates for the Tribune ( to ask permission to use their idea. I, also, wanted to ask for their help in obtaining some back copies of their segment to use as examples and I've included a few of them within this post.

For our project, each student is going to be taking one of our Cool Tools (which are our school rules) and writing and "illustrating", via photographs, our version of "The Rule Book" which we are calling "The School Tools". The software we'll be using is called "Comic Life" and I'm pretty sure the kids are going to have a blast working with it. (The sound effects, alone, are super fun!!) Each student's "episode" (which may include humor if desired and appropriate, but is not required) will be printed upon completion and some will be displayed. As of today, I have introduced the project and we have begun the "planning" phase, which includes selecting the "Cool Tool" example, deciding on a title for the "episode" and writing out descriptions of the 3 pictures they intend to use - 2 pictures of what the positive behavior would be and 1 picture that would show the undesirable. Next week, they'll either be taking the pictures that they "stage" or locating appropriate pictures online. Then they'll put them together using Comic Life to create their episode of "The School Tools - Cool Tools for Cool Kids".

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