Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Busy Week!

This week saw our kids taking their MAPS tests to start the week. In class, I introduced the iSafe curriculum. Part of the iSafe curriculum is learning how to keep our machines up and running, so we, then, spent a couple of days getting to know a little about how our computer works. That, then, allowed the students to better understand how viruses and other security risks, like spyware, affect our machines. The students were particularly interested in learning how to prevent these problems.
We, also, discussed some of the basic vocabulary associated with computers, such as the desktop, minimize/maximize, icons, monitor, hard drive, RAM, etc.
We are, now, finally, ready to start our first fun project which is the creation of our nametags using Everyone's excited to get the preliminary work done so that we can start "playing" with our Wordles!!
Have a great 3 day weekend!
~Mrs. Foellmer

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