Sunday, June 5, 2011

WOW Day in the Computer Lab

What a super day, it was!! ...don't know how many times I said "WOW", but I said it a bunch. Widen Our World was a great success for all. Staff and students, alike, had positive comment after positive comment about the day. Thanks to all for making it such a fun day!!

Here's what went on in the Computer Lab, with myself and Mrs. Kucera, the district technology coordinator, working with the students:

I had 8 kids (3 6th graders and 5 7th graders) working on a program called "Scratch" which was designed by the fine folks at MIT to teach kids how to program. They wrote their first games and/or animated videos. It was amazing how much they learned in just 3 hours and the best part was to see them "feeding" off of one another and helping each other learn. They, now, know which other kids in the school are interested in the same thing!

1 student created a stick figure animation using a program available free online. This program requires a lot of patience as you move parts of the figure, incrementally, to create an animation. Trent T. had the necessary patience to work on that project and I was amazed at the result!

2 students worked on different aspects of photography and learned how to "improve" their photographs using Photoshop. They created a final project using "Comic Life".

3 students "altered" a video game. They created their own "scene" by reprogramming the original. Again, this is very detail oriented and it takes a ton of hard work and I tip my cap to the patience they exhibit in doing this sort of thing.

1 student worked at learning HTML which is the language used to display webpages.

2 students tried to learn a few chords on the guitar and found out it's much harder than it looks!!

2 students did architectural designing using Google Sketchup and created a movie showing their finished products.

1 student researched recipes for his favorite foods and created his own cookbook and another student researched "QR Codes" and found out what they are, how to create them, and how to read them. (QR codes can be found all around us - in newspapers, on billboards, as you walk down city streets and in airports.)

And last, but not least we had 3 students doing Movie Maker projects: 1, Cassidy D. spent a ton of time researching famous drummers and tips on drumming (taking numerous pages of hand-written notes) before creating her movie and 2, Chris L., along with Evan B., create a very cool Ninja video.

It was a very busy day in my room and the resultant projects were outstanding!!

Check out Mrs. Bretl's, Mr. Little's and Mrs. Bergmann's blogs to see what happened in their areas on WOW Day.

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