Friday, April 15, 2011

Inventory Spreadsheets

This week was spent mostly on creating our inventory spreadsheets. These spreadsheets will be used during the week we are virtually in business, to keep track of how much we've spent, as well as the amount of our profit! The business teams decided how many of each of their products to buy given their initial "spendable money". It will be fun to see how much they earn (and to discuss why different groups profit more or less) during the week we are "in business".
Some of the spreadsheet skills the students learned were things like using formulas (including using sigma to find a sum of numbers), putting borders around cells, dragging from the corner of a cell to copy and paste a formula quickly down a column, and how to include a value from a different spreadsheet within a formula.
Working with spreadsheets is like magic and it's exciting to see the kids get that "wow!" look on their face as they see some of these things for the first time!

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