Friday, January 14, 2011

You guys are great!

Boy, what a great week of work, this week! Our first full week of traveling went extremely well, as almost all of the groups are off to their second destination. Some groups found out that $200 for a hotel is rather expensive, and that some of the nicer restaurants might just show 12 on their menu rather than $12.00. Sometimes printing things from the internet can be a bit tricky and we learned how to "print selection" and how to print only the pages we need. (Hopefully, the kids will do a better job at home with this, and won't waste Mom's and Dad's hard earned money with the cost of ink cartridges being so high.)
Recognizing that the skyrocketing gas costs are cutting into their budget is another eye-opener, and our spreadsheets are really making our lives easier.
... more updates to come, as we continue our trips.
Enjoy the 3 day weekend!
~Mrs. Foellmer

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