Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Houses are Awesome!

This week the kids finished up their Google Sketchup houses! They did an awesome job learning a new piece of software that isn't at all simple to use. I was impressed by how hard they all worked to create their home or their dream home.
We, also, got to try out something new to Computer Education - the electronic bulletin board! The kids animated their houses and saved them as movies like mine below. We, then, set up a monitor in the window of the classroom and have the movies of the kids houses playing. It has been a very popular stopping point for kids in the hallway, as they enjoy seeing the 6th graders' projects.
I am so amazed, on a daily basis, with all we are able to do. SUPER job, 6th graders!!

Oh, and one last thing to get you psyched for this weekend's game:
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