Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vocabulary Learning has Application in Learning Computer Skills

I've seen it said many times, "Use a word 3 times and it’s yours!". It occurs to me that learning various computer skills, tips, or tricks can be described equivalently. Use a computer skill/tip/trick 3 times and it's yours!! Often times, however, when we want to learn to do something, we may research extensively to find out how to do it, but, then, we do it only that one time. By the next time we need to do it, perhaps months, or even a year later, we have to do the research all over again. Why? Because we didn't use it enough for it to be part of our working techabulary/skills bank. The use of technology involves an incredibly large amount of "working knowledge" which is a combination of techabulary and computer skills. The more techabulary/computer skills we have, the more likely we are to take advantage of the tech. tools we have at our disposal. The less techabulary/computer skills, the more likely we will turn to conventional methods of accomplishing our goal. With students, (and educators, as well) we must work to improve this aspect of their education, by ensuring multiple opportunities to apply various skills, tips and tricks, and hear and use the techabulary, if we want them to embrace using it and recognize the value of these tools in their lives - above and beyond the simple texting, game-playing, and social networking that dominates their usage.

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