Thursday, October 22, 2009

Personal Marketing Brochure

We have been, diligently, working on our brochures for the past couple of weeks. The brochures highlight a job that each student is willing/able to do and includes research on the topic, as well as recommended websites, a custom-created logo and a short "All About Me" section. As this project comes to a close, we are able to look back at all we have learned. Probably, the most important lessons were related to the use of the Internet Search Engine, We learned how to do a "Smart Search" and how to use quotes and the minus sign to make our searches more productive. We, also, learned that when we need to copy and paste information from the internet, sometimes the result includes extra formatting that causes a problem. To solve that problem, we go to the edit menu, and use "paste special" and "unformatted text". We, also, learned that when we copy and paste special from the internet, we MUST site our source so we do not plagiarize. All of these skills are life-long learning that will be useful down the road, as well as for this project!