Thursday, May 28, 2009

THIS is a Seriously Cool Tip!!

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Linking to a specific spot in a youtube video
In the last post I needed to link to a specific spot in a youtube video. I knew that I had seen it done before but I didn't recall where or how it was done. Of course, a quick search (no, not on wolframAlpha) lead me to several posts that explained how to do just that.

You simply locate the spot in the video where you'd like to begin, in this case it's at 1 minute and ten seconds into the clip, and turn it into this format: #t=01m10 and then append that the url. Like this:

THAT is very cool. I was able to embed the video below that starts at a specific spot instead of at the beginning by adding &start=185 after the fs=1 in each spot in the embed code. Tony L. just showed me this video, for example, that, he said, the coolest part starts around 3:05 (185 seconds). So, here's my first use of this cool tip.

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