Friday, February 27, 2009

Movies, movies, movies

We have been finishing up our movies, this week, as the trimester nears the end. Everyone has done a terrific job, learning how to use Windows Movie Maker; a nice application that is included with all Windows-based machines. That is an added plus, because, it means that the vast majority of our students, also, have this program at home. Movie Maker allows students to communicate ideas via a variety of media, including pictures, audio, video, and, of course, text. Many students included animated gifs, as well. Throughout the course of their schooling, Movie Maker will give students the opportunity to create multi-media products for various classroom projects, as well as fun home projects, such as creating movies of family vacations or activities that can be burned to DVD. Movie Maker is a ton of fun to work with and the transitions and affects are, particularly, entertaining. Kids love this kind of creative work and the outstanding final projects are evidence of that. It will be a pleasure to spend next week getting to enjoy the final presentations of each of the Roadtrip teams.

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