Friday, January 23, 2009

We're Off!!

The car's gassed up and we're on the road! Mapquest helped us figure out how far it is to our first city and how long it will take us. Some of us will be stopping for lunch along the way, while others are able to make it to the first city and eat lunch there, while taking in the sights! Tomorrow will be a day of fun, as the day will be spent at a favorite attraction in the city. Tonight, we'll be staying in a hotel we picked out, keeping in mind a good location. We've been diligently keeping records of all of our expenses, from the hotel cost, to our meals, to the attraction. We are figuring our gas costs with the help of a sweet online application at It even tells us where to buy gas along the way so we don't have to spend any more money than needed. Well, it's time to get some rest. We've only just begun our trip! So far, it's been quite an experience.

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