Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Photo Projects

We are almost finished with our photo projects! Each student is assigned one of the cities to which they will be traveling on their road trip. They have researched that city and found fun, cool, interesting things to do in that city. Using Altavista (a search engine) they have found high-quality pictures of those "attractions" which are, then, used to create a photo collage of that "leg" of their trip. The students have learned to use Adobe Photoshop Elements quite expertly, considering the short time they have been using it. Elements of style and various effects are being used to create a professional-looking project. Additionally, the groups have taken digital photos of themselves and are including the group picture in their project, using tools such as the magnetic lasso tool, as well as feathering. Text affects, such as bevels, shadows, and outlines are also being used to create more readable text. I think everyone is having a great time with this project and that the students are very proud of their results so far - as well, they should be!!
~ Mrs. Foellmer

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