Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great Holiday Gift Idea

Parents, if you are looking for another gift for your child, "Photoshop Elements 2.0" would be an excellent option. We are beginning a project using this awesome software and, I am sure, the kids will LOVE it. 2.0 is the version we have, here, at school, and, though it is rather old (they are, now, up to version 7), it does the job, quite well. You can, usually, get a new copy of version 2.0 on Ebay for a very reasonable price - somewhere in the range of $15.
Photoshop can be used to do all kinds of work on your photos, including removing red eye, "repairing" photos (such as removing tears, etc.), creating collages, as well as doing some really cool effects on text. It is something that can be used by everyone in the family, but I'll caution that it is very addictive.

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