Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Social Studies Projects are Finished!

This week brought to a close our Social Studies Inspiration Project. Students researched information on their chosen European country and, then, used that research to create a beautiful Inspiration diagram. The results were outstanding and, I think, the kids really enjoyed their work. It is a pleasure to see the creative ways the students represent their information.
Today, we began our final project of the trimester. Producing a slide presentation is always a blast and for most of the kids, this will be their first try at using Open Office Impress. (Impress is Open Office's "PowerPoint" and is quite comparable to PowerPoint.) The topic of the students' presentations will be "How to ...". They came up with some really great topics today, and I am looking forward to seeing them move through the creative process and employ their "Impress"(ive) skills.

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